Elections Under Att-Hack

While these numbers may be hard to digest, on a daily basis, there is an average of 6.5 trillion hacks attempted across the globe. And yes, these include hackers who target governments, political systems, and unfortunately, elections too.

A large part of this problem is that many cheap tools are available for sale online that assist people in hacking, making it accessible to virtually anyone who would like to harm others through the net.

Based on predictions by experts, cybercrime will soon become an industry worth six trillion dollars by the year 2022. Law enforcement agents are not able to keep with all of these attacks as they become more and more prevalent.

Government agencies have started to team up with Microsoft in order to create artificial intelligence softwares to prevent such attacks for elections.  According to experts who work in cybersecurity at Microsoft, they have thankfully already managed to get rid of hackers who attempted to hack into the United States elections back in 2016, as well as the midterms in 2018.

Those hackers who are driven by political motivations often will attempt to destroy presidential campaigns and find hidden information about them to ruin their image. Many of the attacks that set off the alarm turn out to be insignificant or a mistake, however the new artificial intelligence system is intended to be more accurate, and be capable of filtering the more serious threats that are not to be overlooked.

Nonetheless, low cost hacking tools are still out there on the web, and cyber crimes only continue to become more and more easy to commit.

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