Eating Cockroaches
The managers of a home improvement firm in China have recently been arrested for a rather shocking reason that is not heard of everyday.
They subjected their employees to punishments that included forcing them eat cockroaches if they did not reach their sales goals.
After one of their employees complained on social media about the humiliating and disgusting punishments both he and his co-workers were subjected to by the management of the unnamed company.
In his post, he included a horrific video of a man without a shirt, being whipped by his boss with a belt, as his co-workers were forced to stand and watch it happen.
Footage also shows people drinking a yellow substance, with some claim it urine.  The video was deleted, however there are screenshots going around across the internet, and thankfully, it made it’s way to the authorities.
It was also revealed that one of the punishments if the sales goal was not reached by the end of the month, was that the team leader would have to eat three cockroaches for each sale that did not succeed.
Many people on social media expressed their shock, while others tried to understand why people didn’t simply quit and search for new jobs. However, some workers expressed that they were still owed pay from previous months and that they were threatened if they dared to quit.
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