Eating Chocolate Improves Sleep

Everyone has their one or two food weaknesses. So much, in fact, that it is near to impossible to say no to the food especially if it is right in front of your face. For some, these weaknesses can be the ever so sweet and savory chocolate.

As one takes one or many bites into their favorite chocolate bar, the world for just that moment freezes and life is good. Until 20 minutes later when they are engorged in the entire bar and it is about to all be gone. Then that makes it more difficult to think of the upside of enjoyment. Instead, we start to think about how unhealthy that was of us to eat.

Well, the good news is a nutritionist and a trainer, Keris Marsden, told Mirror Magazine that eating chocolate could help a person have a better night’s sleep.  Our body needs serotonin to fall asleep better. According to Marsden, she believes that chocolate provides her with serotonin so, at the end of the day, chocolate helps sleep improvement.

Good sleep isn’t the only thing that a person can get from chocolate. If one eats dark chocolate, it can actually reduce levels of depression. And of course, just like any food we love, it can make one’s taste buds go through the roof! Literally!

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