Easy Sustainable Products To Use

Many people may think that there is little they can do to help slow down the overconsumption and waste of the world. It can feel like our level of impact is too small against the world but the truth is that it is so easy to replace some of the plastic products we use and investing in such products helps close the economic loop of plastic consumption. Only 9% of the world’s plastic is actually recycled and 12% is destroyed meaning that the remaining 79% is accumulated in landfills or natural environments like the seas. Here are a few easy solutions to help save our world.

Reusable Straws

Getty Images/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Edward Berthelot

Buy a pack and always have a straw at your access. You can take these to your work and have them motivate you to drink more water because it’s fun and easy. You can get them in different colors and they are so durable.

Recycled Produce Bags

Getty Images/GC Images/ Bauer-Griffin

These bags are so in fashion. You can get so many cool reusable bags with different designs on them. You can use them for anything whether it be going to the store or even just as a cool statement piece walking around the city. We absolutely love these bags.

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