Dyed Her Eyes To Blindness

Aleksandra Sadowska, a young woman from Poland attempted to stand out from the crowd, and took things a little too far, to say the least. We completely understand the desire to be unique, but not at any cost, and surely not at the cost of your eyesight.

She actually had her eyeballs dyed black by a tattoo artist that she found online. He may have appeared to know what he was doing, but clearly he wasn’t such an expert in the field after all.

Following the procedure, Sadowska reported experiencing extreme pain in her eyes, however, was told by the amateur artist that it’s perfectly fine. Unfortunately, it really wasn’t fine.

The tattoo artist had inserted a needle far too deep into her right eye, causing her to go blind in her right eye, and her left eye was thankfully only slightly distorted. Doctors are not feeling too optimistic about a recovery for her vision, and even after various surgeries, nothing has been successful so far.

Aleksandra sued the artist, unsurprisingly and he is now potentially facing three years in jail for blinding her. Somehow, she has even expressed that she doesn’t regret her choice, but rather just the person that she chose for the job. She’s feeling hopeful that they will find a solution, and that she won’t be left permanently blind.

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