Duty Free

Duty-Free is often a term seen and used when one is in an International Airport terminal. The idea of it is that when one purchases an item in a duty-free store, they do not have to pay taxes on the goods bought in the country where the item was purchased. Therefore, the purchaser is spared the payment of duty.

Most of the time, duty-free stores sell high-cost items that travelers would not want to pay higher taxes on once they get to the place of international travel. Hence why duty-free stores have been so successful in airports as they save people tons of money before they even get to their next destination.

The idea of duty-free came from a man by the name of Brendan O’Regan who was in a layover stop in Ireland. He noticed that travelers like to shop, as his mind started going he came to think of this idea of tax-free stores in airports. Due to the aftermath of World War II, there was a need for revenue, so O’Regan got working and duty-free soon spread worldwide. Now, known as a gem for all international travelers.

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