Dunkin’ Introduces Spicy Donut

Dunkin donuts are daring to be different this spooky season with the release of the new ‘Spicy Donut’ which is made from Ghost Pepper. This new doughnut is daring, to say the least, it includes new Halloween DIY Dunkin’ Donuts decorating kits. It comes topped with strawberry flavoured icing, featuring a bold cayenne and ghost pepper spice blend. The company will also partner with First We Feast’s, “Hot Ones,” by making host Sean Evans eat the donut with a variety of hot sauces on the show’s October 19 episode.

Krispy Kreme has also released special donuts to welcome the spooky season. On the menu are monster-themed donuts like Dracula and Frankenstein. Customers can even receive a free donut if they come to the store dressed in a costume. Spicy flavours have been trending recently as McDonald’s started selling Spicy Chicken McNuggets, it’s the first time the fast-food brand has released a different flavour apart from the original nuggets since 1983.

Getty Images/ Rights-managed/ OLIVIER DOULIERY

You can also come up with your own spooky season treats at home for the trick-or-treating tradition. Check out your favourite known brands for Halloween themed snacks such as vampire Hershey kisses, fangs and sour skittles. If you are really dedicated to the festive holiday, there are so many recipes out there to try out making your own sweet cookies or cakes. This can be a fun activity for you and the kids to try at home, don’t be afraid to experiment with icing colours and flavours to bring out the creative side in you.