Drunk Birds

Police officers in Gilbert City, Minnesota have been receiving some seriously unique reports lately. Birds have been reported to be acting rather erratically, acting very confused, out of character, flying into moving traffic and windows.

Officials have recently issued a statement that they believe that these birds are in fact ‘flying under the influence’ after a feast of fermented berries. It seems as though were not the only species that likes to have a good time.

Due to the snow coming earlier than usual, several variations of berries have been growing in the Gilbert area and have fermented earlier than expected.  That didn’t stop the local birds however from enjoying them.

The problem however, similar to human beings, young birds are not able to handle alcohol in the same way that their older counterparts are.

Ethanol enters their systems from the berries and it causes them to act rather out of character. Many birds are searching for any food they can get their hands on in order to put on weight in preparation for their long journey south for the winter, but instead – are getting really drunk.

Police authorities have announced in their statement that there is no need to call the police about these birds, that it’s only a matter of time until they sober up.

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