Drones To Plant Trees

The recent fires in northern California have been the most deadly to have hit the United States in the past century.  Although the devastating lives that have been lost can never be replaced, the forests can be resorted.

However, unfortunately, planting trees is not quite as easy as it may seem. It’s a highly dangerous and dirty job that requires a great deal of expertise and intelligence.

That’s exactly why a startup in Seattle has created a new solution. It’s a high-tech method that can allow for seeds to be planted in the areas that have been affected by wildfires, and it involved a genius combination of bioengineering, artificial intelligence, and drones.

Wildfires in the United States burn on average a shocking 7 million acres annually, and the current method being used to replace lost trees is far from ideal. Even highly sophisticated companies are using planters with bags and shovels in order to plant new trees.

DroneSeed has developed drones that have the capacity to both decide where to plant seeds, as well as to actually plant them, which were both tasks that once could only be done by a human being.

The drone uses lidar in order to create a 3D map of an area, as well as multispectral camera in order to obtain information about the vegetation and the soil.  The drone has special seed vessels, which are designed to prevent animals from eating them.

The drones can work in swarms of five crafts in order to cover larger territories.  This new technology could help us ensure that we will be able to replace trees as fast as we loose them.

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