Drone Delivered Blood

Believe it or not, the very first profitable delivery drone wasn’t for food, and it wasn’t an Amazon package. In fact, it was actually blood.

UPS has recently come out with an all new drone service that transports both blood, as well as other medical samples between buildings at a North Carolina medical campus – WakeMed Raleigh. The fact that drones can travel faster than any other traditional method of transportation means that more lives can be saved than ever before.

The M2 quadcopter, the blood carrying drone is the product of Matternet and is capable of holding as much as five pounds at once, and traveling a distance of up to 12.5 miles.  Medical workers load up the drone, and then send it off to follow a set path to unload throughout the hospital.

According to reports, the same path that the drone takes would take a typical human driver as much as half an hour, whereas the drone could cover the same distance in a mere three minutes and fifteen seconds.

At the moment, the drones are expected to make at the most ten blood deliveries daily, however there are hopes that in the near future the numbers will only grow.

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