Delete Or Not To Delete?

By now, we’ve all seen how much of our personal data can be taken by Facebook. In some cases, even for the usage of third parties.
Due to privacy concerns, many Facebook users have decided that the time has come to leave the popular social network.  But what’s important to know: leaving the platform and deactivating your account is not enough. Your privacy will still not be protected.
The disactivate function has no connection to your data, which stays in the Facebook servers.  However, with the help doc on Facebook, click on the let us know option and there you will find the delete button you need. It does in fact exist.
Since Facebook wants its users to stay loyal for as long as possible, it takes a few weeks to process the request. It also takes an additional 90 days to completely rid your data from their serves. But Facebook promises that you will get there, eventually.
Truth be told, none of us really want to delete our Facebook account. So the more tools you use, the better you and your privacy will be off.

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