Dog Takes Public Transportation

Heartwarming stories don’t always include people, in fact, animals have the ability to shock the world. This one little furry friend, in particular, has surprised many. Eclipse is an adorable dog that takes herself to the dog park every single day. How? Well, this is when mouths start to drop.

Eclipse lives in Seattle, Washington with her owner Jeff Young. One day, Young and Eclipse were headed to the dog park. Young was taking exponentially long to get on the bus so Eclipse decided to take initative and get on it herself. The bus driver dropped her at the park and Young met her later.

After a few more times of Young letting Eclipse meet him at the park, Young decided to let the doggy spend some alone time. With that being said, Eclipse started to go on the bus alone. Each day when Eclipse is ready to go to the park, she takes herself to the bus, spends a few hours at the park and returns home later.

Eclipse has her own bus pass attached to its collar giving her complete access to the bus system. After some time, residents of the area realized Eclipe’s cute and friendly presence, which has made her story go viral.

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