Dog Photo Shoot Gone Wrong

If one is an animal lover, it comes by no surprise that the obsession is real. The second one sees a cute furry friend passing by, it is as if they are instantly pulled toward the animal. With no boundaries, these animal lovers will pretty much do anything for their furry friends.

As many say, a girl’s best friend is nonetheless her dog. So much, in fact, that their entire camera roll usually consists of hundreds of pictures of their dog. Most of the time, it is in action but other times, these pictures show the true love a dog owner has with its pet. The problem with this is that animal owners sometimes forget the capabilities their dogs have.

Just recently, a teen was hugging her friend’s dog for the purpose of that Instagram worthy picture. As Lara Sanson was posing away she did not see any harm in doing so considering the dog seemed to be participating. As the pictures were taken, Kenai, the German Shepherd suddenly bit her face.

With the dog’s mouth being so large, Sanson’s entire face was pretty much engulfed in the dog’s mouth. Leaving her with “both internal and external injuries, reaching all the way down to her gums,” according to Mirror. Sanson underwent surgery that took a few hours and a decent amount of stitches.

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