The Usual Excuse For Late Homework

Not giving in your homework on time is one thing that all students are used to doing. Unless, one is quite persistent and responsible with time but of course, life gets in the way causing us to forget things.

So, the next day when we walk into our teacher’s classroom and realize that the one thing we didn’t complete is the assignment everyone is turning in right in front of your eyes, that is exactly when all the excuses start to roll out. Let’s just say that teachers have heard it all. With one of the main excuses always being well “my dog ate my homework.”

Although this is one excuse most teachers won’t believe it since it is more of a joke. Either way, the reasons as to why a quiz was not taken or an assignment isn’t completed is pretty endless. From being bedridden and sick to getting food poisoning, these are just a few of them.

Most of the time teachers are not allowed to question students but they can ask for proof. For instance, if one went to the doctor note is usually asked for just to ensure that the student is in check.

Other than proof or the honor system, not turning in work is pretty much an everyday occurrence for teachers to be dealing with. Hence why teachers don’t take the dog ate your homework excuse any longer, unless it is legitimate.

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