Does Denim on Denim Look Good?

Although it might not seem like it men’s fashion has come a long way. So much so that there are now fashion lines solely dedicated to men. With that said, you may find yourself having a few fashion issues from time to time. Don’t worry, this is completely normal. Everyone struggles with fashion every now and again. However, you should know that you aren’t alone and that there is in fact a few tips that could help you out. With that said, we are here to give you a few fashion tips on wearing denim on denim. That’s right, simply keep reading.

Getty Images/ Image Source/ Eugenio Marongiu

When putting together a look that includes different garments of the same material most people would think that it would be most important that there are some factors that differentiate them like color. However, that is not really the case with denim, in fact, when wearing denim on denim it is actually important to try to keep the washes of denim similar. This creates a cohesive look that works together and draws attention to the whole look. The next thing you should focus on is the silhouette of your look. Denim is a good material to do this with as it is available in a large variety of silhouettes that can be played with to suit your personal taste.

Now that you have those first two issues sorted you should look for a pop of color to add to your matching denim set, this should be easy considering that denim comes in shades of blue and you can add just about any color and still look great. Last but not least you need to add an accessory, it doesn’t have to be anything too wild just something that brings the whole look together, a simple chain or a watch could do the trick just fine. If you are on the bold side you could even add denim accessories to polish the look off.