Do you even Plog, bro?

There’s a new Scandinavian fitness trend sweeping (no pun intended) Sweden these days, and no, it’s not a new kind of crossfit or the world’s hottest yoga studio. It’s called ‘plogging’ and the word combines the two main actions associated with the activity: jogging and ‘plocka upp’, which translates to ‘pick up’. But, pick up what… exactly?

Ploggers (full disclosure, no idea if that’s a real word or not…) are ordinary citizens who add a little environmental love to their daily runs. Instead of just jogging, they also pick up trash and clean up the streets and trails along their routes.

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The trend has also gone digital recently, with the life and fitness app Lifesum adding a feature that allows users to track their plogging activity. According to the app, users burn on average about 300 calories in just 30 minutes of plogging. This is roughly the same amount of energy burned in a typical 30 minute jog, however the environment will love you back a little more for this one.

Those who take part in plogging have reported that it is an incredible way to get more satisfaction and fulfillment out of a typical workout. When plogging, runners take occasional breaks from their run with intermittent squats, lunges, and sit ups, which allows them to pick up trash in between repetitions. Enthusiasts typically take plastic bags with them on their runs so that they are able to pick up and collect trash more efficiently.

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While plogging may not have the glitz and the glamour that other viral fitness trends have these days, it does have a rustic and authentic message that is likely to resonate well with athletes around the world. It also introduces a new concept to a workout routine, which is to be thinking holistically about how your own actions impact the rest of the world. Ploggers are likely to report feeling more fulfilled post-workout simply because they are working out their bodies, minds, and souls. And really, what kind of workout could possibly be better?

So, who’s going plogging with me this weekend? 

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