Do Not Disturb While Driving Mode

Apple has provided us with technology that is beyond our belief. Just a few years back, we would have never thought that any company would be able to give us the extent of information and resources on such a small device.

Our phones are our saving grace. They provide us with everything and anything. Whether it is an alarm clock to something as futuristic as facetime, the options are endless. Being that this is the case with our iPhones, we need to be aware of all the tools it can give us.

Since we don’t usually sit down in the Apple store and learn from technicians on how to properly use our phone, it is essential that we do so on our own. Apple has given us these features for a reason so if we don’t know how to use them then we are missing out on the device.

One of the main features that the iPhone provides us with is the ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving.’ This mode gives users the option to technically shut our phones off without having to turn it off completely, which is very beneficial in many instances. For instance, we are driving our car and we don’t want our emails, text messages and calls to distract us. To do so, we turn on our ‘do not disturb while driving,’ setting, which will prevent our phones from ringing and giving us distractions that are harmful.

To turn on this specific mode, go to your settings and tap “Do Not Disturb,” then in the do not disturb while driving section tap “Activate.” It is that simple. Then it gives users the option to turn on when connected to Bluetooth or when driving.

It works by our devices sensing motion or connecting to Bluetooth in the car. When people call or text you, your phone will automatically send a message saying you are driving. In turn, this feature will be one that will save many lives if you just take advantage of it.

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