DNA Testing For Unscooped Dog Poo

Most urban cities across the globe are unfortunately faced with the issue of unscooped dog poo. One very creative company has decided to offer a scientific answer to the problem by aiming to catch the offenders.

How so? They’ve actually created a way to test the dog poo for DNA, and then compare it to a database of the pets that are registered in the communities in order to trace their owners and put an end to this.

Dog owners who are too lazy or don’t pick up after their pets for other reasons are a hassle to any society, however catching them and proving who it really was that left it there can be a challenge. BioVet Laboratories can created PooPrints, which allows large housing complexes to test unscooped poo.

Offenders can then be tracked down, and fined up to $250. At the moment, the company is working together with more than 3,000 housing complexes in both North America and in the United Kingdom.

Any new pet owners in the housing complexes will be required to bring their dogs in for a cheek swab DNA sampling. They will then by given a number and will be added to a database.

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