DIY: Materials Around The house You Can Use To Make Paint

It’s no secret that art materials can be expensive. Although we could definitely find some cheaper items, buying many off-brand materials can end up costing just as much as a few artist-grade ones. Art is not for everyone, and most people enjoy taking it up as an occasional hobby, so they don’t want to invest too much in something they may not use so frequently. Luckily, we have found a cheaper alternative – an easy way to make paint from things you could find in your home. Here are some simple materials you can find around your house to get you started making your own paint.

Getty Images / Westend61

There are so many different materials you can find in your garden or around your home that can create the most beautiful tones and colors for your painting. Residue from coffee and used tea bags make beautiful brown and earthy tones; beets, red onion and berries make for vibrant reds and deep purples. Spices are also a great way to get those extraordinary colors that might be difficult to find elsewhere: yellow from turmeric and a rich sunburnt brown from nutmeg. These are only a few of the many materials you might have laying around, or might need throwing out that you can create with.

After you have found your materials the next step will be to create the paint so that it will stick to the canvas or chosen material. Begin by using a strainer to ensure all big and bulky pieces are removed, and your material is as refined as possible. Continue to strain until it is as soft and clean as possible, like the texture of powder. If necessary, grind it down.

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