DIY Basketball Culture

Across the streets, fields, mountains, and valleys of the Philippines, there exists a national obsession with an international pastime: basketball. There’s only one major thing missing: any equipment. All the passion, skills, energy, and rivalry exist, but there’s an innovative do-it-yourself culture that has taken basketball from the professional level to the street level, and communities have risen to the challenge.

via Flickr / Colin and Sarah Northway

The result is a basketball court that resembles what the professionals play on, but has a very authentic and raw feel. And this is exactly how the game is played in the Philippines: authentic and raw.

As the spirit of the game races on across the small communities of the Pacific island, the professional players provide a sense of inspiration and hope for aspiring players. There’s no sign of the game decreasing in popularity anytime soon.

via Flickr / jojo nicdao

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