DIY Basketball Culture

Across the streets, fields, mountains, and valleys of the Philippines, there exists a national obsession with an international pastime: basketball. There’s only one major thing missing: any equipment. All the passion, skills, energy, and rivalry exist, but there’s an innovative do-it-yourself culture that has taken basketball from the professional level to the street level, and communities have risen to the challenge.


via Flickr / PACAF


Throughout the country you’ll find makeshift courts down alleyways, in backyards, across fields, and in virtually any open space that can be found. And there’s a special kind of nostalgia associated with these ‘courts’. Backboards are often made from scraps of wood, metal, or road signs, and are attached to street lights, fences, tall trees, and more.



via Flickr / Colin and Sarah Northway


The result is a basketball court that resembles what the professionals play on, but has a very authentic and raw feel. And this is exactly how the game is played in the Philippines: authentic and raw.


As the spirit of the game races on across the small communities of the Pacific island, the professional players provide a sense of inspiration and hope for aspiring players. There’s no sign of the game decreasing in popularity anytime soon.


via Flickr / jojo nicdao



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