Dimming The Sun

The future of climate change is not looking very bright.  A recent report by the United Nations announced that the current efforts being made by the international community do not seem to be promising in that they will be able to save this global fallout.

This unfortunate news however, has lead some researchers to dig deeper. In fact, it has pushed them to dig so much that they’ve come up with an idea that has the scientific community completely divided. The idea is to use geoengineering by releasing particles into the stratosphere, which will deflect sunlight, and in turn prevent future warming.

Researchers from Yale and Harvard university released a study that found that building a high-altitude planes that would release these sunlight-blocking particles could cost as much as 2-3 billion annually. However, compared to the tens of trillions of dollars that climate related damages cost, this is pretty efficient.

It was found that the effort could work with around 100 of these special aircrafts and nearly 60,000 flights annually, which is quite achievable.

However, many scientists are against geoengineering, arguing that it could come with unexpected consequences, and that it does not treat the cause of climate change, but rather merely the symptoms.

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