Different Sports and Where They Are Played

Sport is a beautiful thing. It is an activity that brings together individuals from all over the world, whether friend or foe, and unites them under the banner of love and passion that they have for a particular game. The question arises: Why is sport so popular? Why does it evoke such a passionate response from its participants? For many people, playing a sport is a way to escape the complexities of life that perpetually take up space in their mind. It is in many ways a distraction from reality; An opportunity to indulge yourself into this activity that, for one, gets your heart rate up and your blood flowing, but also takes your mind off the many worries that you may have.

There are many different sports played all over the world. Some are much more physically demanding than others. For example, rugby is a sport that requires enhanced physical stature and aggression in order to simply make sure you don’t get injured on the pitch. It is a game played, generally, by well-built individuals who have the capacity to operate as powerhouses and dash down a long field.

Getty Images/ DigitalVision/ Klaus Vedfelt

Other sports, alongside requiring physical capabilities, also require you to use your mind in order to utilize its strategic function. Football is a very potent example of such a sport. Football is generally considered the most popular sport on Earth, played and watched by billions globally. It requires speed and agility, but also good pitch-awareness and strategic thinking in order to ensure the success of defensive and aggressive plays.

The number of sports now played world over, both officially and unofficially, are almost countless. Yet, suffice it to say, their purpose and effect is in many ways singular – they offer an avenue to escape one’s worries, and find purpose in physical or mental exertion.