Different Species of Frogs

When talking about frogs most people just think of a four-legged green animal with a long tongue that eats flies. However, that is not all there is to these cool creatures. If it was, we wouldn’t be here to tell you all about them. Frogs are way more interesting than most give them credit for. When you take a closer look you will find a variety of species that all have the defining factors that make them completely unique. There are over five thousand species of frogs that we know of and while we don’t have enough time to go over each one here you will get a quick introduction to the world of frogs.

Getty images/ RooM/ kuritafsheen

The most well-known of all frogs would have to be the Rana temporaria, these frogs are found in Asia as well as Europe. It can be found from Ireland all the way to Japan. If you live in any of these places you are likely to bump into one of these frogs in your garden. One frog that you may recognize from National Geographic is the red-eyed tree frog, with its bright green skin and striking red eyes it is very recognizable. These frogs are mainly found in the lowlands and slopes of Central America.

The Golden poison frog has a very distinct look to them. They have amazingly bright yellow skin and black eyes. These tiny frogs might look cute but they are full of toxins that could take out ten grown men or two bull elephants so getting too close is not recommended. We also have the Vietnamese Mossy Frog which has a dark color with green spots all around making it easy for them to blend into mossy areas which is why they spend most of their time pretending to be mossy rocks. There are many more frogs that you should check out.

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