Delivery Robot Dogs

Autonomous delivery bots have become increasingly common in recent years. But when it encounters a set of stairs, it doesn’t have very many options.  Which is why a four legged robot dog is being introduced.

The concept is highly unusual. An autonomous vehicle will pull up to a designated address and will spit out several smaller robot dogs, which are called by ANYbotics, the startup behind the creation, ANYmals.

These smaller robot dogs which are quadrupedal are intend to complete the delivery, capable of climbing staircases, and even ringing the doorbell.

The overall idea is to extend delivery right to your doorstep, and to make deliveries around the clock, as many people work and study at all hours of the night.

It still has a long way to go however, and it still needs to be decided whether or not public sidewalks should be shared with small robots and autonomous vehicles. But it seems as though the future of lunch is about to see some serious changes.

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