Delivery By Drones

Uber, a $120 billion ride-hailing company has recently announced that they are aiming to turn Uber Eats, it’s delivery program until a drone run process.

They’ve got plans to replace human drivers to airborne drones, and aim to have the plan in action by 2021.  This isn’t the first time that Uber has launched a new project that faces legal and technological issues.

Uber is still trying to figure out it’s flying taxi service. A network of flying drones will most likely face similar obstacles that make the idea that it will be ready in 2021 slightly too ambitious.

But whenever it may be ready – what does this entail for Uber? It was once seen as company that made drivers into a profession, and is now trying to reduce it’s network of drivers.

If it actually comes into play, rather than telling a delivery men which apartment number to buzz and tipping them, we’re going to have to go down the stairs or the elevator, and try to figure out how to open some robot’s storage case.

As far as things go, it sounds like we’re much better off keeping things traditional, and allowing delivery men to stay apart of the economy.

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