Debt For Dogs

While many of us love animals, few of us can actually compete with this Zhang Kai, a Chinese animal lover who has taken his passion to the next level. Kai has actually taken in close to three hundred dogs in the past two years.

Although this is far more dogs than the average person should have, but if you really, really love dogs, then it should be fine, right? But Kai actually has been struggling to make ends meet and keep up with all of the expenses. Despite the fact that he has his own business, he has accumulated a huge debt of nearly ninety thousand dollars. Nonetheless, he refuses to let down his furry friends and give them up.

Two years ago, forty one year old Kai lived a fairly normal life and was successful with his travel agency. However his life was forever changed when his dog passed away suddenly, leaving a hole in his heart, and led him to the realization that there are endless stray dogs out there who are in need of a good home.

Kai started out with just two, and within a few months he somehow already had eight dogs living in his home. From then on, there was no looking back, and today he struggles to care for an impressive two hundred and sixty dogs. Today, he relies merely on donations and loans from the bank.

Kai has even rented another home outside of his city in order to make living more comfortable for his dogs to grow up in. On several occasions however, the neighbors have complained about the noise, causing Kai to have to pack up and relocate.

This dedicated animal lover is reported to spend close to 20,000 yuan on his four legged friends monthly, buying massive amounts of food for them, as well as paying two other people to help him care for them. Here and there, he also has unexpected medical expenses to cover.

His parents, in their seventies, have had no choice but to continue working past the age of their pensions in order to keep their son manage all of his many expenses and cover his debt.

Regardless of how dire the situation has become, Kai remains firm about what he believes in and will not give up on his two hundred and sixty dogs that need him to survive.

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