In most U.S. states, this tradition of allowing a death row inmate to chose their last meal is over a century old. Allowing these inmates to chose their very last meal before they never can again. Being that this is the last humane gesture they will ever experience, they are given the chance to eat whatever their heart may desire. Here are some killers who have chosen strange but lavish meals as their last. 


Ted Bundy



On January 24th, 1989, one of America’s most notorious killers, Ted Bundy was given the death sentence at Florida State Prison at age forty-three. After Bundy killed over thirty people and abused countless more, the whole world was waiting for his execution.  His death was a national event with viewers chanting Burn, Bundy, Burn. 


What did he choose to eat for his last meal before he was put in the chair?



His Last Meal



Ted Bundy decided to be rebellious and decline the luxury of getting to chose exactly what to eat as his last meal. In turn, he was given the default traditional meal which includes a medium rare steak, over easy eggs, hash brown potatoes, buttered white toast with jam, a glass of milk, and a glass of orange juice.


Not too shabby for something he didn’t even want in the first place. Did others also not want to choose their last meal?


Timothy McVeigh



Timothy McVeigh is known for committing one of America’s most horrific acts of terror – the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. After months upon months of planning his attack, he set off explosives that killed one hundred and sixteen people and injured hundreds of other innocent victims. At the young age of thirty-three, he was sentenced to death and was killed through lethal injection.


What did this young gun fanatic decide to indulge in for the very last time?



His Last Meal



Timothy McVeigh clearly had quite the fetish for ice cream. To be more specific, mint and chocolate chip ice cream. For his last meal before being sentenced to death through lethal injection, he requested an entire two pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Perhaps he didn’t really have an appetite for much else at the time and wanted something he could easily digest.


It’s crazy to think about how these people were feeling at the very moment…


Ricky Ray Rector



Ricky Ray Rector was sentenced to the death penalty for the murder of a police officer in Conway, Arkansas, Robert Martin. After Rector killed an innocent man in a restaurant, he was about to turn himself in, however, then changed his mind and shot the police officer. Rector then tried to shoot himself, which ended up in a lobotomy. He was executed by lethal injection.


Here’s what he asked for his last meal…



His Last Meal



Ricky Ray Rector requested a steak with a side of fried chicken as the main course for his last meal. Clearly, this man was no vegetarian. To drink, he asked for a glass of cherry flavored kool-aid, and for dessert, he asked for a piece of pecan pie. What’s most notable about Rector’s meal is that he actually left the pecan pie, telling the prison guard that he was saving it for later. 


Perhaps he was unaware that later wasn’t going to happen…


Angel Nieves Diaz



Puerto Rican Angel Nieves Diaz was convicted for killing the manager of a strip club by shooting him back in 1979. He was sentenced to the death penalty for first-degree murder, kidnapping, and armed robbery. Until his death, he maintained his innocence.


It seems as though even when meal time came around, he was never really ready to admit to anything…



His Last Meal



Angel Nieves Diaz actually declined a meal, on top of the chance to be able to choose his last meal. He was actually at first served the standard prison meal, however, he also declined that, choosing to go without any food prior to his execution through legal injection.


Perhaps this was his way of rebelling. But why pass up a meal where the sky is the limit…


Adolf Eichman



Adolf Eichman was known as one of the main architects of the Holocaust. He fled from Germany in the midst of the war to South America in order to escape, however, he was captured by an undercover Israeli agency and was taken to Israel to be put under trial. He was found guilty and was sentenced to death.



His Last Meal



Adolf Eichmann was rather pretentious, especially since he chose a bottle of wine for his last meal. During his time as one of the highest ranking Nazi Party members, he was known to always be indulging in the best of the best, in general, paid for by others at unbelievable costs.


Asking for wine as the last meal is surely a first…


Velma Barfield



Velma Barfield was an American serial killer. Although she was only convicted of one murder, she actually admitted eventually to having committed six. She was the very first woman to be executed by the death penalty after capital punishment returned to America in 1976.


Her meal of choice also really stood out…



Her Last Meal



Velma, for some reason, decided to request as her last meal to be served some crispy and greasy Cheez Doodles. To drink, she asked for a can of Coca-Cola. While this is not the kind of meal that we can fully understand, we also can’t understand how people bring themselves to commit such crimes.


So maybe we shouldn’t even try to make sense of their last meals…


Lawrence Russell Brewer



Lawrence Russell Brewer was a white supremacist who murdered James Byrd Jr. He dragged him onto the asphalt road, and then drove over him with his pickup truck. This is the censored light version of the story. He was sentenced to the death penalty through lethal injection.


Based on the choice of his last meal, he really knew there was no looking back…



His Last Meal



It is said that Brewer is the inmate that ruined every last meal for every other inmate on death row in Texas. He ordered a triple bacon cheeseburger, fried okra, two country-fried steaks topped with onions and gravy, fajitas, pizza, an entire pint of ice cream, and then to top it off – some peanut butter fudge.


No other meal could ever compare to this one, that’s for sure…


Peter Kurten


Peter Kurten is a well known serial killer and sexual abuser. In the 1920’s he completely terrorized Germany and gained himself the nickname as the Vampire of Düsseldorf. Kurten has even admitted to the fact that he drank the blood of his victims, one of which was a swan.


What did this notorious man request as his very last meal?



His Last Meal



Peter Kurten asked for his last meal to wiener schnitzel, being as typically German as can be. On the side, he requested that he be served with his meat some fried potatoes, as well as an entire bottle of white wine to drink together with his meal.


Were other convicts this classy?