Death Metal Grandma

Although she may not look the part, 96 year old Inge Ginsberg is a rock star.  In fact, she’s both the songwriter and the lead vocalist of TritoneKings, a death metal group. She’s best known as Death Metal Grandma. 

Inge has a seriously remarkable story. She was born in Austria, but had no choice but to flee to Switzerland during World War 2 in order to avoid being persecuted for being Jewish.

She spent several years in a refugee camp after the war, and then she relocated with her husband to Hollywood where they began their new life together in America.

Inge began a career in the music industry and was composing songs for some of the biggest singers of the time.

However she started to get tired of all the Hollywood action and decided to change things up. She wanted to reinvent herself. Today, she is the vocalist on a death metal band.

She felt as though everything in Hollywood was fake, and grew frustrated and bored with it.  But she was a fighter, and rather than giving up. Inge became inspired by Pedro De Siva, who she would commonly collaborate with.  Pedro noticed that her writing about blood and death sounded just like death metal lyrics.

Despite her age, she decided to start a band with Pedro, and the rest is history.  Despite the genre of her music, Inge is a very happy, positive and optimistic person, saying that she smiled her way from poor to rich, and smiled her way out of the Holocaust.

There is even a documentary about Inge, titled Death Metal Grandma, which aims to teach people about the value of learning from our older generation.