Deaf Only To Men

A woman in China has recently been diagnosed with a highly rare form of hearing loss. Those with this condition are unable to hear low frequency sounds, such as the voice of men.

The woman realized there was a problem when one morning, all of a sudden, she couldn’t hear what her boyfriend was saying.  She thought that perhaps it was due to a lack of sleep, but even the next morning, she was still unable to hear his voice and understood that there was a serious problem.

After being rushed to the hospital, she was diagnosed with a rare hearing condition known as reverse slope hearing loss. According to statistics, this condition affects only around one in 13,000 people with hearing issues, and is hard to diagnose.  For some, they are only unable to hear sounds such as the humming of a fridge, however this woman has a more extreme case.

Doctors believe that her unique type of hearing loss has been caused by stress, and are hoping that she will fully recover, especially since she does not have a history of hearing problems.

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