Deadly Computer Viruses For Sale

For any very wealthy fan of computer viruses, we’ve got the perfect product for you, known as The Persistence of Chaos. For a hefty cost of $1.2 million, you can actually purchase a very special laptop that holds an impressive six of the biggest, most deadly computer viruses known to man kind.

This strange and unique laptop of the art work of Guo O Dong, a Chinese online artist, who has decided to team up with Deep Instinct, a cybersecurity company. The laptop is a 2008 Samsung with Windows XP, and is actually infested with six viruses.

All six of these viruses have caused a shocking total of ninety five billion dollars of damages across the globe over the past twenty years. Nonetheless, this project is still somehow up for sell, and will be in the hands of whoever the highest bidder is.

While we’re not too sure that this is the most intelligent purchase, we’re also not sure how smart it is to be selling such a thing. How can anyone know that the buyer will not decide to threaten the internet?

Well, thankfully Deep Instinct has also taken part in the project, and has made sure that this laptop is not able to be connected to any other device, including the internet. Such a thing is known as air-gapped, which means that all of the ports of the laptop have been disabled for safety reasons.

Furthermore, whoever does end up buying the laptop will have to sign a form agreeing that they have no intention of taking advantage of the product.

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