Dead Alien Civilizations Could Save Us

According to Avi Loeb, a notable Harvard professor, we should start to look out for signs of both alien life and alien death in order to save ourselves in the long run. The clock is ticking and it’s in our hands to do something about it.

He believes that such a finding could help us learn exactly what not to do in order to survive as long possible, and ensure that our planet will continue to be habitable for our future generations.

As Loeb sees it, such a process is a form of space archeology, and it could teach us how to better interact with each other, and could serve as a form of a cautionary tale. Perhaps it would teach us to avoid starting nuclear wars, or how to take better care of planet earth.

In his view, perhaps the findings of certain artifacts that are still out there in the atmosphere that are yet to be discovered could show traces of mistakes that were made, whether it be certain equipment or a nuclear war that once took place.

Such civilizations, such as are own, are very short lived due to our behavior and short term approach to dealing with crises. As Loeb sees it, we are killing ourselves.

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