Daredevil Photographers

Check out these photographers who take their jobs to the ultimate extreme. As they explore the unknown, take risks and capture photos of grace and beauty they dare to put their lives in danger. With uncertainty and fear, these photographers are truly remarkable as they show the world the harsh reality of epic events throughout ages. Whether it is in the jungle or out in the open these pictures are out of this world and beyond intense.





It was the day after Christmas in 2004 when houses shook, lives were lost and devastation was at an extreme. The Indian Ocean Tsunami, also known as ‘The Boxing Day Tsunami’, swept through Thailand, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. In a matter of hours, hundreds of thousands of lives were taken by this dissaster, being one of the most catastrophic tsunamis in history. For this photographer they happened to be in the wrong place and the right time. As they captured the fear and disaster striking the city of Ao Nang, Thailand.


Boom Boom



March 31st, 1953 the day when an atomic bomb was airdropped in Yucca Flats, Nevada. Check out these photographers risking their lives all for a picture that speaks a thousand words. As danger strikes these photographers take their jobs to the extreme just to capture the worst of the worst.


Mask On



Pictured above is the most dangerous object in the world. This solid mass is made out of nuclear fuel mixed with an immense amount of materials leftover from Chernobyl. Known as the ‘Elephants Foot,’ this nuclear mass is still lethal, which is why this photographer is still wearing proper attire after all these years.


Fire Burning



This photographer is not just able to take fire pictures but he also takes great pride in being on fire. While capturing mother nature at its finest and taking his job to an extreme, this photographer decided there was no better way to be all in. As he takes being a risk-taker to a whole new level causing us to break a sweat.