Dangerous Modern Beauty Trends

Most of us would say that there’s at least one thing we want to change about our the way we look. But sometimes we can take this desire to extremes that can in fact be dangerous and be completely unaware of it.

The Kylie Jenner challenge for example makes girls who want to have larger and more full lips suck into glasses and bottles. It’s probably not the safest way to do so, and can cause not only bruising, but also nerve damaging.

Corset training is also known as a chance to displace your organs. Girls are actually putting themselves at risk in an attempt to reshape their body by excessively using corsets.  Even if the results turn out to be decent, they risk impaired breathing and internal bruising.

A Brazilian blowout may sound like an exciting beauty treatment to make your hair smoother with using a straightener, however it contains formaldehyde. This chemical even at room temperature can cause problems such as nose bleeds, and more long-term issues such as cancer and leukemia.

Many see gel manicures as an easier option than a traditional manicure, however it comes with risks to the skin of the hands since the gel process involves UV drying. UV tanning is known to increase the risk of cancer.

Eyelash growth sounds really cool but it also creates itchiness and could even lead to permanent eye color change. Mascara sounds a lot simpler and safer.

There is even a YouTuber that promotes burning a piece of wood in your eyelashes to curl your eyelashes.  It doesn’t take an expert to know that putting anything burning close to your eyes is a terrible idea.

Expensive medical procedures are costly for a reason, but doing them yourself is not something that should be done, and is dangerous. But this has not stopped people with no experience in becoming their own orthodontist. You can’t just put rubber bands in your teeth, it will cause your teeth to fall out rather than straighten them.

Fish pedicures are known to eat the dead skin from feet. Some spas even offer this as a professional treatment, but in fact it’s highly unhygienic. The fish have fungal infections and the UV light used to clean the water is not all that effective.

Modern beauty trends have gotten out of hand, to say the least, and unfortunately our society encourages such behaviors.



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