Dad Jokes

Dad jokes — you either love ’em or hate ’em. It’s said that dad jokes are the worst jokes, so why do so many people seem to love them? It might be because they have something special about them. They’re meant to be the absolute worse joke you can think of and still manage to elicit a laugh from your audience. Some people just appreciate a good effort at a bad joke, even if the joke itself never lives up to the effort put into it.

What’s even more of a mystery than why people enjoy bad jokes is why dads seem to be the only ones capable of making them. Some might say it has something to do with dads and their desire to “one-up” anyone who tries to outdo him, whereas others just think that dad jokes are inherently just that: dad jokes.

Getty Images / DigitalVision / 10’000 Hours

No matter what you think of dad jokes, one thing’s for sure: The dads in your life know how to tell them…and even better than that, they know when to tell them. For some reason known only to other dads out there, they seem to have a built-in clock that goes off just as the moment is right to unleash their trademark terrible jokes. Whether you’re waiting in line at the bank, stuck in traffic, or just having breakfast, dads are always just moments away from making everyone around them giggle with whatever new installment of awful humor he has on hand. From corny puns to terrible knock-knock jokes, dads are always on the cutting edge of what’s terrible in comedy.

Dads have their own sense of humor, so they don’t mind being part of the joke themselves. They know that making dad jokes are one thing, but being able to laugh at yourself is another completely different level of Dad Jokes mastery. Because, even if the joke is corny, bad or terrible, dad can make all those feelings disappear by just laughing at the very joke he’s telling.

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