There has been a lot of talk regarding the announcement of the new Tesla product. Although Tesla has not released every detail about this new high-tech truck there is enough information on it to make car-savvy people want to purchase this truck.

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk informed buyers that this truck will be referred to as the one and only “Cybertruck.” This truck is the first-ever electric pickup truck on the market. It is also said that there is a multitude of features that make this truck unique including being able to parallel park itself.

It is expected that the truck is going to look like something out of a science fiction typed movie, just like all other Tesla vehicles. Once, this truck is available on the market it will forever change the dynamic of truck sales.

How? Well, think about it. Before the cybertruck was released, people who wanted to be eco-friendly did not have the option of purchasing an electric truck. They pretty much had very few choices. Now, with the truck soon to be on the market, it will give customers a larger range of choices especially if they are looking for a larger vehicle.

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