Curb Your Pollution

We’ve all heard of Curb Your Enthusiasm, but you surely haven’t heard about Curb Your Pollution.  Thanks to Henk Hanskamp, it’s now really a thing.

This Dutch entrepreneur and inventor has recently come out with an all new toilet that is designed specially to collect cow urine. While this may not sound so necessary, the average cow actually produces anywhere from 15 to 20 liters of urine daily.

According to Hanksamp, although cows aren’t the most intelligent animals out there, they are still capable of being trained to use the toilet. Although this may sound like a silly April Fool’s prank – truth be told, this is a real thing, and he’s being working on it for several years already.

Based on tests, it may very well provide a solution to pollution across the globe. At the moment, most cows require a certain amount of stimulation to use the special toilet, however some have already managed to get to used to it and use it without thinking twice.

The Cow Toilet is being tested currently on a Dutch farm, where seven cows have already been trained to use it naturally. Not only is this new method good for pollution prevention, but the urine can also be used as raw material such as precision fertilisation, and in turn – new sources of income.

The future of farming is being redefined in strange, yet creative ways.

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