As it creeps toward the end of someone’s life it is very common that they have to choose the way they will be held or remembered in their next life. There are a few options that are present currently, with the most popular two being cremation and casket burial.

As grungy as this is to think about, it is a known fact that cremations have recently surpassed burials as the most popular end-of-life option. There are many reasons this is the case, with one being that cremation provides people with a vast amount of creative ways to be remembered. Even though this seems to be a valid reason for one to choose cremation as their end-of-life option there is actually a more significant reason people choose it.

If one is an environmentalist and cares about the future of planet Earth, it is most likely that they will also choose cremation. As of recently, cremation companies have been advertising that it is a more environmentally friendly option. According to National Geographic, “cremation is less harmful than pumping a body full of formaldehyde and burying it on top of concrete,” but there are still negative effects of cremation.

Some environmental effects that should be considered would include the basis of cremation. In all actuality, cremation actually requires a decent amount of fuel, which in turn releases an immense amount of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. With that being said, environmentalists are in the process of coming with a new way to cremate bodies since the atmosphere is at risk.

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