Creepy Urban Myths

We’ve heard many legends and urban myths throughout our lives, and know that we can’t trust all of them. Some of them are simply stories that were made up to scare us as children, but the truth be told: all legends have a basis to their story, or at the very least, were inspired by truth…


Am I Pretty?


This woman’s name actually means ”the woman with a split mouth” in Japanese.  Their is a myth that if one if going somewhere alone at night that she might all of a sudden jump out at the corner of the street. It is also believed that she can’t been escaped because she can teleport herself.  She then asks victims if she is pretty, and if she is not given the answer she was hoping for, she will chop your head off with scissors.  However, if you say yes – she will slit your mouth just like hers.



La Llorna


This legend tells the tale of a beautiful young woman named Maria. It is said that no man was ever good enough for her, until a stranger entered the village that took her breathe away. They got married and had two children together. But when Maria’s husband left her for someone else, she drowned their children in the river, and then killed herself out of guilt for what she had done. The townspeople then heard Llorna crying, and the legend is that she roams around in the evenings in a white dress, searching for other children to drown.


Mary’s Phone Call


A little girl had no choice but to move away to a new town. Upon moving, she threw away her doll Mary. The night she moved she received a phone call from someone named Mary, telling her that she was in the garbage bag. The phone kept ringing and ringing all night long, and Mary continued to harass her. The next morning the girl was found dead on the floor.



Aren’t You Glad?


This is a popular legend that goes around college campuses. Two young college girls where about to take a big test the next morning, but one of them was invited to a party the night before. When she comes back to her room, she goes straight to bed without turning the light on in order to not disturb her friend. Upon waking up, she finds her friend dead, and written in blood on the wall is ”aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the lights?”


The Suscan Screamer


There are few things creepier than a dead bride. On Suscan Road in Pennsylvania, there is a tragic legend that says that if you drive onto the bridge, turn off your car, and wait, you will be able to see the Suscan Screamer in the rearview mirror of your car.  Most stories say that is the ghost of a woman that herself after being left at the altar. 



Demons In The Mirror


We all know the creepy myths of the Blue Baby and of Bloody Mary in the mirror. However, in China, things are a whole lot more gruesome. It is believed that one’s reflection isn’t oneself whatsoever. But rather, that it’s a demon pretending to be you so that you will help train it to eat you, and then replace you. We will be sticking to our selfie camera when in China.


Next Stop: Ghost Station


Located in Stockholm, Sweden is an abandoned train station that has never actually been in use. For this reason, it’s called the Kymlinge ghost station, and it is believed that only the dead get off at this station.  It is also believed that Stockholm is haunted by a phantom train that steals the souls of those traveling, and drops them off at Kymlinge. Next visit to Stockholm, we think we’ll go by foot.



 The Black Volga


The Black Volga myth is one that seems to have some truth to it, mainly since it took place cold war Eastern Europe. This car would patrol the streets of Poland at night and would abduct people that it would find walking around alone. Their bodies would, later on, be found dissected, leading us to believe that they were used for research.  The legend is that the Black Volga is still out there today, and is adding to its number of dissected people.


The Well To Hell


The urban myth of the ‘Well To Hell’ in Russia is the story of a team of scientists who drilled a hole in Siberia. They are said to have dug so far deep, that they actually managed to reach Hell.  The scientists realized what they had found after they measured temperatures to be 1100 degrees Celsius.  When they lowered their recording equipment into the hole, it stopped working, and they heard billions of humans screaming.



Death Road



There is a road in New Jersey, New York that is actually called Shades of Death road.  The road ends at another road named Hope road.  There are myths about this area that the cabin on the lake is haunted, that orbs chase people down the road, and that there are Native American princess ghosts going around. The road does not fall short of its name.


Takakanonuma Greenland


This Japanese theme park is known for it’s record high number of deaths during the time of it’s construction. In fact, it never actually opened for public use, and since then, it appears that park simply disappeared. There are several urban explorers who claim that they found it, however are too terrified to speak about what they saw. 




Toxic Woman


In 1994, a 31 year old patient named Gloria Ramirez came in to the emergency room of Riverside General Hospital while she was in the late stages of cervical cancer.  Several nurses handled her blood, and each one of them become nauseated and light headed. In total, 23 hospital workers fell ill, and 5 were hospitalized after coming into contact with Gloria. Today, she is known as the toxic woman and there is no explanation.



Marsh Road


It is believed that a teenage girl was raped and then murdered by her boyfriend. He left her dead body on Marsh road. When people walk by the bridge late at night, they claimed to have seen the girl’s ghost. Drivers report that she looks at their back-view mirror, however as soon as they look back, she’s always vanishes.



The Collector


This urban legend is a universal legend for all of those creepy neighbors that may be up to something completely terrifying in their prison-like garages or basements.  The most common Collector legend however is the neighbor who collects human parts and displays them proudly in mason jars. In fact, Russia has a real-life collector who stole corpses from cemeteries to do so.


The Angel Statue


Several years ago, two parents decided that they needed a break for all of their responsibilities, so they went out for a night on the town and hired their most trusted babysitter to watch their children.  While watching TV, the babysitter called up the parents with a simple request- that the angel statue outside the window be covered because it made her nervous.  While on the phone with the father, he told her to take the children out of the house and call the police. The police found the babysitter and the children dead within three minutes of the call, and no statue was ever found.



The Grifter


The Grifter is a gruesome urban legend that first came about in 2009. It’s a video clip so incredibly disturbing that everyone that watches it is left completely traumatized. The clip features scenes of children dying and screaming. Thankfully it’s all fiction, however it’s became an urban legend that is often told around the campfire. 


The Kidney Heist


This legend started out in 1997, when an email went out that was warning people of a crazy new crime that was going around in big cities. In most cases, travelling business men would be purchased a drink by a complete stranger, and would then wake up in a bath tub covered in ice. They then discover that their kidneys were removed who planned on selling it on the black market.



Buried Alive


An elderly man lost his wife due to a long suffered illness, leaving him completely torn and grief stricken. He was not able to accept the fact that she died, and continued to deny it. The night of her burial, he had nightmares of her trying to scratch her way out of the coffin and espace. When the coffin was opened, her hands were find bloody and bent, with scratches on the lid. 


Walt Disney


There is a popular legend that Walt Disney is actually cryogenically frozen. It is believed that he requested to be preserved with the hopes that one day technology would be advanced enough to bring him back to life.



Backseat Killer


A woman was driving home and the car behind her kept on flashing it’s lights and tailgating her.  She became alarmed and quickly drove to her house, jumped out the car, and called the police. The man following her also jumped out the car and screamed for her to call her the police. As it turns out, the driver had seen the shadow of a man with an axe in her backseat, and he kept his lights on to warn her. 



Mr. Rogers, The Navy Seal


There is a popular legend that Mr. Rogers, the children’s show host, was once a sniper for the Navy Seals in Vietnam, and that he is in fact responsible for a number of deaths. The belief is that he always wears a sweater in order to cover up all of his tattoos.



Sewer Gators


The legend of sewer gators believes that several alligators were taken from Florida in order to be kept as pets in New York City. However, over time, they became too big, as well as too violent and they managed to make their way into the sewers of New York City, where they now live freely. 



Humans Can Lick Too


A girl is given a dog by her parents to keep her company. One night while asleep, she is awakened by a drip like sound. After turning off the tap, she returned back into bed and felt the dog licking her fingers. The dripping sound didn’t stop, and the dog kept licking her fingers. She then decided to look for the source of the dripping, and once she reached her cupboard, she found her dog with its neck slit, and a note written ”humans can lick too”.



Snuff Films


For those that don’t know what snuff films are, they are movies where a person is murdered during the showing of the filming. In general, they are believed to be funded by seriously twisted rich people. Rewards are going out to anyone that knows any information of their making. 


Lillian Gray


Lilian Gray died in the 1950s at the age of 77 years old.  Upon the first look, her grave looks similar to others, but if you take a closer look, you will notice that it is written ”victim of the beast”.  No one is sure if it was made by a religious cult, if she was sacrificed by a Satanic group, or if she herself was a devil worshipper.



The 9/11 Tourist Guy


Shortly after the 9/11 attack, a photograph started to go around of a tourist standing on top of the World Trade Center. If you look closer, you will notice that one of the airplanes is seen here. The camera was found in the wreckage, however the tourist remained missing. The story, however does not match up with the details.


Ghost of Stow Lake


Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California, is known for it’s rather paranormal stories. One of the most popular ghost stories going around is the story of Ghost Stow Lake. A man named Arthur Piegon was driving very fast in his car, and was stopped by authorities.  He claimed that it wasn’t he fault, that he was trying to espace the ghost of a woman he spotted in the lake, that had long, fair hair and went around without shoes. 



Green Man


A terribly disfigured man was seen walking on the streets of Koppel, Pennsylvania at night. He was given the name Charlie No-Face or Green Man. Everyone had their own version and story of their sighting of him. It is said that at the age of eight, he touched a power line and was electrocuted, which causes irreversible facial injuries.  He comes out at night to take walks, when people are less likely to see him.




The urban legend of Cropsey came out in the ’70s after many children from Staten Island went missing. The story revolved around a creepy boogeyman figure who stole children.  A man would come out of the woods with an ax, screaming out his name. At the same time, there was a facility for the mentally ill nearby, and a man named Andre Rand is believed to have killed many children, however we are still not completely sure who this mysterious boogeyman really is.



Hell Portal



Bobby Mackey’s Music World is a popular bar in Wilder, Kentucky, and is owned by country singer, Bobby Mackey as you could have assumed. Their is an urban legend that this bar actually has a portal to hell. It is also believed that a pregnant woman was found decapitated here in the late 19th century. In short, this place falls nothing short of haunted.


The Melon Heads


This urban legend is most prominent in Connecticut, however is not confined to just one area. The myth believes that these melon-head like creatures are those that managed to escape from an insane asylum that burnt down. Their highly strange appearance is explained by cannibalism, as well as inbreeding.



Dog Boy


The legend of ”Dog Boy” originated out of Arkansas. A little boy is said to have spent his entire childhood torturing and performs ruthless experiments of cats and dogs in his neighborhood.   The boy is said to also have had paranormal powers. Although there is no actual proof of this, he weighed nearly 300 pounds and was 6’4, making his sadistic behavior even more frightening.