Crayfish Peelers

In Shanghai China, a recent has recently made it the headlines for their new concept. They have in fact hired two female crayfish peelers. The young girls job is to do the less than pleasant work of peeling the crayfish right at customers tables, as they stay clean and play around with their smartphone.

Seen as crayfish are highly popular in China lately, the two peelers handle approximately 100 crustaceans each day, earning them a pretty decent salary of $1,500 a month.

Apparently this restaurant is very popular for video game fans and is gives them the ability to never stop playing, even when they get hungry.  He Nanxin is one of the crayfish peelers and is studying fashion design. As she studies, she also makes 15% of the peeling service charge.

Nanxin claims that it took her a mere two days to learn how to professionally peel crayfish.

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