Cow Cuddling

Although the concept of cow cuddling has already been common in Europe, Mountain House Farm, an upstate New York farm is now providing Americans with a similar experience. The goal is to offer them a chance to relax and find comfort in coming close to a cow for a mere seventy five dollars per hour.

The 33 acre farm has been offering wellness services for nine years already, however with horses. They have only now added the option of cuddling with a cow. The farm is run by a couple who brought two cows, Bella and Bonnie with them from the Netherlands after discovering the incredible health benefits that come with cow cuddling. 

In European countries, it has become a popular way to deal with stress, and the couple was surprised that it was so uncommon in the United States. According to Suzanne who runs the Mountain House Farm, since cows have slower heart rates, it helps us slow down too. 

They offer only one or two cow cuddling sessions per day, and is generally limited to two people per day as well. Each session must be scheduled in advance according to when is best for the cows to avoid interfering with their rhythm and routine. 

Suzanne has noted that it’s important to emphasize the fact that this farm is not a petting zoo, but that it’s actually an experience that is about both the cows and the person coming to cuddle them. The animals have equal rights to choose what they do, and it’s their choice to connect with the humans. 

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