Cow Cuddling

If one is in need of some tender, love, and care, we have found the greatest new thing, cow cuddling. As strange as this may seem it has gained a lot of attention and popularity over some time now. The idea behind cow cuddling is to give people an environment to relax, think and be with nature all while hugging a cow.

This spotted animal is actually known for quite some characteristics that make cows more susceptible to cuddling. When they are digesting their food, cows lie down. In turn, allowing people to get some quality time with these animals.

Another factor that plays into the cozy equation is that cows’ body temperatures are actually higher than humans, ranging in the 101 degrees Fahrenheit area. Cows also have a slower heart rate. Both are the main factors that make cows the desired cuddle buddy.

Currently, there are many therapeutic cow farms that allow people to pay for the service of cuddling a cow. While many people might find this to be a strange way to relax, it has been said that many people enjoy it. So much, in fact, that people will drive far distances just to endure this one of a kind experience.

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