Country Music Star Denny Strickland

Music, entertainment, hobbies Johnny Cash once said, “In its 50-year history, country music has continuously been evolving into newer and different styles.” This is still true in country music today. Country singers, like Denny Strickland, help to bring country fans modern country music. And the fans are loving it. In country music, it’s imperative to let the music evolve with the times and expand into something that will reach out to others from all walks of music genres. Each year, country music boundaries are pushed to create mixed genres into one. This mix of music genres is considered to be modern country and it is becoming one of the most popular genres.

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Just this year, there has been a wide influence of country music with pop affinities. Fearless newcomers like Denny Strickland are not afraid to set themselves apart just like the original “outlaws’ like Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Johnny Cash. Because they stepped out of the boundaries and evolved country music, we now have songs like Folsom Prison Blues, Whiskey River, Mama Tried, and Luckenbach Texas. And now, you have Denny Strickland. Denny Strickland has been named, upcoming country artist to watch by Rolling Stone. Along with his modern country sound, he incorporates lyrics that share honesty and complex emotions about his personal experiences and memories of life.

Each of his songs expresses different scenarios and stories that we can all relate to. Denny has found a way to create music that simultaneously feels like a throwback to the male country singers of the past like those mentioned above. He has achieved this by being coached by one of the greatest, Marshall Grant, who was Johnny Cash’s bass player. Grant coached Denny on the music business, and they performed together several times. Through Grant, Denny learned the aspects of what it takes to achieve his goal of becoming a famous and respectable country music artist. Like many explorers, Denny is driven to the open road. He is ready to take his modern country sound mainstream.

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