Coolest Pet Cafe’s In The World

How much do you love coffee? How much do you love animals? How much would you love being at a cafe surrounded by animals? If you answered a lot to all of the above then we have configured a list for you made up of the coolest pet cafes around the world that combine your love for coffee with your need to be around furry friends.

The Raccoon Cafe- Seoul

Getty Images/ Rights-managed/ ED JONES

The Raccoon Cafe is full of adorable raccoons running around the place. These creatures are not everyone’s pet of choice but these Raccoons aren’t your standard, trash can scavengers. They are actually well fed which makes them turn into really cute bundles of love. They come up to cuddle you and nibble food from your hands, and just chill on your shoulder if you so wish.

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium- London


If you’re crazy about cats and you’re a lady, this is the place for you. This cafe is home to 12 cats that wander around, climbing up the walls, peering out the window, and snoozing on the chairs. You can play with them in the cat-friendly playground but just remember that the place is a cat’s world and you’re just living in it.

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