Contraceptive Jewelry

Throughout history, there has been no shortage of contraceptive methods that have come and gone. There are constantly new findings released about the pros and cons of such methods, with no clear consensus as to what should or should not be used as a family planning method.

According to a recent report, a new technique has been released in which jewelry is being used as a contraceptive method, through rings, necklaces, earrings and watches. The jewelry contains patches with contraceptive hormones that come into contact with the skin – and in turn are absorbed into the body of the wearer.

Although it has yet to be tested on humans, initial testing has shown that the jewelry contains enough hormones to successful serve as a form of contraception.  There is also talk that this kind of jewelry could serve as a way of receiving other forms of medical drugs.

Since jewelry is already something that is a part of the daily routine of many women, it might serve as an effective and empowering way to provide new ways of contraceptives.

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