Content Creation and Design

The recent upsurge of social media influences and the rise of Instagram by multiple brands and companies has led to an increased outlet for brands and social media to keep their engagement alive and going. This is because of the increased demand of brands to keep their customers engaged throughout the major chunk of their activity on social media. Being a social media influencer isn’t easy, you are supposed to act as a content creator, designer, graphic designer, video editor and so much more just for one video.

Getty images/Moment/ seksan Mongkhonkhamsao

This means that you are the designer creator and everything for that one post that companies usually hire an entire team for that specific job. Moreover, a recent upsurge of many brands has come out that claim that social media management and their managers charge extremely huge amounts of money for the job they do.  Moreover, many brands do recognize the efforts and they pay extremely well for the task you do. Social media marketing is one of the most rising and lucrative businesses currently. It is literally work from home and you can just sit back home and work at your own pace.

However it is important to realize that social media can be a dark place, you may face a lot of backlash or negative comments but it is important that when you get into this field you obtain a thick skin. It is important that whenever you join such a field you recognize the importance of your mental health and know this job is only lucrative until you realize that your health is the first priority.
Many people step into this world thinking that it is an easier place to make money. However, content creation is a full time job. It explores you beyond your imagination and would force you to think outside the box.

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