Conch Island

Although Conch Island isn’t exactly a real island, it’s still referred to as one, and nearly looks like one too. It’s actually a small mountain of conch shells that were of no practical use to fisherman.

Over the course of hundreds and hundreds of years, somehow all of these conch shells ended up in the same place, forming this mountain that looks just like a small island.

This unique ”island” is located right by one of the largest British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, and is a completely breathtaking spot, not to be missed for both travellers and locals alike. Due to the popularity of conch meat in the Carribean, a staple in their cuisine, it makes it an even more exciting spot to see, and is a real culture experience.

Fisherman in the area have been searching for these small edible creatures, and at the same time, without even trying or noticing, made themselves an iconic island with the shells.

With a growing awareness of the beautiful spot, fisherman have been contributing greatly to keeping the island alive. However, at the same time, this also unfortunately puts these snails at risk for extinction.

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