Commonly Held Food Myths

We love grandma, and while she does hit the nail on the head sometimes with her abstract words of wisdom, there are times where we’ve got to side with cold, hard science and its findings. These are some of the most widely held food myths that honestly really should have faded quite some time ago. The next step is to find the people who spread these pieces of blatant untruth and punish them for their heinous crimes. Joking. Unless…?


Egg yolks are bad news.


close-up of egg yolks

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Umm, no? Egg yolks are delicious. And yet, for some reason, people consider egg yolks to be bad for your health; some even going as far as saying that egg yolks can cause different types of heart disease given their high amount of “bad cholesterol.” But egg yolks are actually loaded with HDL, the good cholesterol that helps combat the bad cholesterol. You know what they say: an egg a day keeps the doctor away. People still say that, right? It can’t be just us.


Carrots stimulate night vision.


Three carrots on a white background

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If only. Could you imagine the amazing Mission Impossible movies we’d get? No more binocular goggles, just a healthy dose of carrots. It is true that carrots help retain your eyesight (as in they’ll keep it from degrading), but they won’t be able to push your eyes to the supernatural. Sorry, fellas. Looks like we’re all going to have to pitch in on some new night-vision goggles. This doesn’t mean you should stop eating carrots, though.


Coffee stunts childhood growth.


espresso shot pouring out of machine

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Apparently, numerous studies have found nothing that could prove a relationship between coffee intake and halted growth. It is often held that this myth actually stems from the idea that caffeine can be the cause of a vitamin D deficiency that is known to weaken the bones. It’s a weird myth to dispel, given just how intuitive it seems not to give kids coffee. Perhaps we should avoid it for other reasons, such as making the already hyperactive brats that much more jumpy. Nightmarish.


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