Comfort Foods From Around The World

Ah, the smell of a freshly cooked meal. Is there really anything better to come home to than that? Still, it seems that not all foods are created equal – or should we say, equally comforting. Because judging by these popular dishes that are enjoyed around the world, some foods are just simply more comforting than others. Don’t ask us what the science behind it is, just have a look for yourself and try not to drool too much. 

France: French Onion Soup

Getty Images/Elizabeth Fernandez/Moment

It’s pretty obvious why this one has stood the test of time. This French classic is a thick savory onion soup served under a layer of sizzling cheese, with some crusty bread on the side for dunking. It’s a no-fail, no-nonsense dish that has been warming up people’s hearts and stomachs for years, and not just in France – the delicious soup can be found worldwide.

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