Colorless Stainless Coffee

As popular as coffee is, many people still avoid drinking too much of it because it can stain their perfectly white teeth. The world’s very first colorless coffee will rid all of your worries and will get you back to drinking as much coffee as your heart desires.

Adam and David Nagy became fed up with constantly searching for an alternative beverage and decide they needed to create a solution themselves.  Their super innovative drinks is called CLR CFF and is completely clear coffee.

It may sound like a gimmick, but they claim that it is made from Arabica coffee beans and pure water, with no added sweeteners, artificial flavors or preservatives.

It took them an entire three months to create such a coffee that is both colorless and also still has flavor. The recipe is a secret at the moment unfortunately.  They are only willing to disclose that it is made through physical processing that involves unique methods.

The Nagy brothers began a campaign awhile ago to fund their idea, but did not reach their goal.  This however did not stop them from making their dream come true and found another way of funding their project.

If you’re wondering how the coffee tastes, then good question. It has been described as drinkable, similar to water with an aftertaste of coffee.

The colorless coffee is only available in Slovakia and the UK at the moment, priced at $7.70 for two glass bottles. It’s no cheap purchase, but is still cheaper than a cup of commercialized coffee, and the impressive factor does justify the price in some ways.

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