Coins In Airplane Engines

Wang, a sixty-nine-year-old Chinese woman has recently been arrested for attempting to drop a bunch of coins into the engine of an airplane in order to receive good luck. This is the seventh time in the past few years that such a situation has taken place.

Wang was locked up for trying to throw an entire six coins into a Tianjin Airlines engine moments before it was about to take off.  She believed that by doing so, she would guarantee herself with a safe flight. Most people would probably believe otherwise, but that’s besides the point.

Thankfully, rather than making their way deep into the engine, the coins fell to the ground. An airport worker by some miracle spotted them, and Wang was caught by security cameras, despite her refusal to admit to what she had done.

Wang was detained for 10 days, and her actions caused her fellow passengers to have to switch to another plane with a 2-hour delay. This situation is not the first of it’s kind. Just a month earlier, another man was also detained for attempting to drop coins into an airplane engine in an effort to also be granted with good luck.

Seven similar cases have already been reported this past year and it seems as though it’s becoming a more and more popular trend. At first, airlines were more relaxed about the practice, however as they became more common, they had no choice but to take a stance against it.

Lucky Air, a Chinese airline has recently sued a passenger for a hefty $20,000. Until now, all of the coins have landed on the ground and all attempts to get coins into the engine have not been successful, but if anyone ever did manage, it would surely be an unfortunate situation.

Whatever one may believe about superstitions and luck, we sure hope such behavior comes to an end.

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